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We Are Proud to Be the Most Trusted Roofing Company in the Four State Area. Musket Group LLC uses the best roofing materials available to ensure you receive a quality roof that will last for years

If you’ve been looking for roofing contractors you can trust to boost the value and protection of your home, look no further than Musket Group LLC Roofing. We're licensed, fully insured and bonded. Not only are we a full-service roofing company specializing in residential roofing projects just like yours, we have a highly skilled and certified team happy to provide you with superior results no matter how big or small the job may be.

Musket Group Roofing has extensive experience installing and maintaining the following types of commercial roofing: Built-up roofs (coal tar pitch and asphalt) Single-ply (TPO, PVC, EPDM,) modified bitumen. Metal roof assemblies (standing seam, R-panel, flat seam) Shingle Roofing, Clay Tile Roofing, Slate Roofing. Choosing Repairs for Commercial Buildings Regular maintenance can detect roofing problems that can worsen rapidly. Moisture contributes to rot, seepage and mold that can damage interior walls, insulation, ceilings, equipment and inventory that prompt attention can prevent. Repairs to commercial roofing systems for apartments, businesses, churches, hotels, offices and other structures can extend a roof's life span and prevent unnecessary expense. A repair consists of a visual inspection by a commercial roofing business, removal of damaged roofing material, replacement with owner's choice of covering and tests for leaks. A leaking roof repair company in Jasper County, Missouri, can detect and fix any defective roof covering. Missouri industrial roofing repairs for storm and hail damage can make roofs look good and provide lasting durability.

Whether you have a leaky roof, experienced some hail damage, or have a roof that’s lived a long full life but has to go, consult with Musket Group Roofing. It’s important to protect your biggest investment: your home. Waiting too long can result in costly damage to the interior of your home or building.

Many people immediately think of roofs on barns, agricultural buildings, and other commercial structures when they hear about metal roofing. However, metal roofs are an increasingly popular residential roofing material. Metal roofing provides several unique benefits, making it one of the best choices for homeowners and new construction. Metal roofing is a roof system made from metal pieces or metal tiles. Metal roofs protect homes from extreme weather events with durable, attractive solutions. We offer multiple metal roofing material, including through fastened & standing seam roofing. Backed by a team that's inspired by metal roofing, and passionate about customers.

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